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Hillary for America

runway family yard sign made for history misc tees
Donor Incentives, Fulfillment & Customer Service, List Growth, Merchandise, RTW Fashion
About This Project

In April 2015 FII was selected as Hillary for America’s (HFA) merchandise vendor. FII quickly went to work consulting upon the development of a Hillary Clinton merchandise catalog to be marketed via shop.hillaryclinton.com and via point of sale around the country. Leveraging its deep  relationships with domestic manufacturers, FII quickly produced a robust “union made in America” inventory that was ready to fulfill orders as soon as shop.hillaryclinton.com went live in May 2015.


Throughout the primary and general elections FII worked intimately with HFA to develop on-demand solutions and tailored best practices. The outcome far exceeded expectations of the client:  HFA raised more revenue through merchandise with stronger return on it’s investment than any other campaign in history.


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