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Back in 1980 Financial Innovations Inc. (FII) began as a button and lapel pin supplier to Jimmy Carter’s re-election campaign.  Since that modest beginning FII has evolved into America’s leading vendor of political merchandise and e-commerce services to liberal campaigns and causes.


In 2004 we launched America’s first presidential e-commerce store with John Kerry.  In 2008/12 we revolutionized the strategic potential of merchandise with President Obama. In 2016 we raised the bar yet again, helping Hillary Clinton to raise more money via merchandise than any previous presidential campaign.


In 2018 FII Marketing stands ready with an arsenal of services, strategies and best practices. We’re going to help you flip the House & Senate, defeat the Republican agenda and resist Trump.

c. 1980 | A young M. Weiner (FII founder) coaxes a stubborn donkey into a flatbed in downtown Providence, RI for state Democratic rally. We miss you, Mark, and stand on your shoulders.