Why Campaign Buttons Aren’t Going Anywhere

Why the Campaign Button Isn’t Going Anywhere

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Campaign buttons, of one form or another, are nearly as old as America itself. For George Washington’s first inauguration, his supporters sewed onto their coat lapels actual buttons stamped with our first President’s likeness. Since then the button has been a mainstay of the American political landscape as it continued to evolve into the ‘safety pinback button’ we know today. American Made Campaign Buttons

campaign buttonsIt’s easy to understand why the campaign button remains so popular with the public. When we see someone in public prominently displaying a button we tend to think of that person as passionate and sincere about their particular cause. And while buttons are common enough, it’s hard to resist the temptation to take a closer look at that button prominently displayed by a stranger on the street.

The low price of buttons is another contributing factor to their popularity. For just a few cents a piece, groups can use buttons to affordably outfit large numbers of supporters with branded swag, avoiding the higher costs of t-shirts, hats, or even signs. This affordably also presents a great fundraising opportunity for organizations using buttons as low dollar donation incentives with extremely high ROI.

American made buttons have another advantage over other swag items- ease of production. Their simple construction allows for rush production to within 24 hours, making buttons a great rapid response medium. Because of this simplicity buttons can actually be made at home or at an event with a DIY button press – running a couple hundred bucks – and a home printer.

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign experimented with different materials and textures.  Her official slogan button included the words “stronger together” written in braille.

But let’s not overlook the creative appeal of campaign buttons. The size and shape constrictions (most commonly a 1”-3” circle) provide just enough limitation to foster creativity in the designer. Aside from that, buttons are a completely blank canvass that is perfect for experimenting with different images. Recently we’ve seen an explosion of creative expression on buttons in opposition to Trump.

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