campaign merchandise services

Making Merch
in America

FII’s expertise in creating campaign merchandise is unmatched. For over thirty years we’ve contributed to countless Democratic and Progressive victories with branded collateral.

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campaign merchandise ecommerce

Turnkey Ecommerce

We make it easy to sell your merch online. Our professionally designed webstores tie directly into our fulfillment & customer service center. We offer a variety of e-commerce products designed to fit your needs and budget.

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campaign merchandise list growth

List Growth Strategy

Modern digital campaigns’ success relies on strong list performance.  No other vendor has as much experience leveraging merchandise growing email lists, donor rolls, and social media.

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ethical sourcing campaign merchandise

Ethical Sourcing

100% of our campaign merchandise is made in America. We go the extra mile to ensure that our manufacturing processes do not abuse the worker or the environment, and partner with diversely-owned factories.

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campaign merchandise sales

Point of Sale

From small events to major rallies, we provide all logistical support necessary for you to sell campaign merchandise through point-of-sale: staffing, training, hardware & transportation.

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campaign merchandise design


Whether it be graphic, industrial, or web design, our best practices and application of design theory ensure the success of your merchandise. We design enticing products tailored to the specific objectives of the client.

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campaign merchandise fulfillment

Fulfillment & Customer Service

Our fulfillment center automatically processes orders from your online store. We make returns, exchanges and general questions easy with our professional customer service team. Our white glove treatment ensures the satisfaction of your customers.

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direct mail campaign merchandise

Direct Mail

Direct mail remains an integral part to any campaign. We offer the most competitive postage rates and innovative mailers of the highest quality

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union printing

Union Printing

We’re on top of  all your political printing needs.  We offer a wide selection of union-printed products with quick turn and low prices.

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