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Compliance Data

Compliance reporting is stressful enough without having to track down all of your data. Now you can easily export all of your store’s compliance data into a single spreadsheet with our new Compliance Data App.

How It Works

Our Compliance Reporting app queries data from three separate sources within Shopify and consolidates all data into a CSV file.  We know – its pretty exciting.


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Order Data

  • Donor name
  • Donor billing address
  • Contribution amount
  • Transaction date
Custom Attribute Data
  • Employment status
  • Employer name and address
  • Occupation title
  • Disclaimer consent

Payout Data

  • Donor credit card details ( last 4 digits, expiration, brand )
  • CVV and AVS result codes
  • Gateway processing fees
  • Net deposit
  • Deposit date
  • Refunds