The Republicans’ Dumbest Merch

The Republicans’ Dumbest Merch

Our opposition research on Republican merchandise turns up some real gems.  We’ve quietly chuckled while watching them stumble with merchandising fails. Here is a quick recap of some of what we think is the dumbest Republican Merchandise.

Jeb Bush’s Guaca Bowle

jeb guacabowle

We were pretty bummed Jeb’s campaign went belly up before we had the chance to buy our own”Guaca Bowle”.  Sure the completely unbranded stone bowl was available on Amazon for half the price. But doesn’t that cliffhanger in the product description just get you?

Original Trump-Pence logo

The “T through the P” logo from the Trump-Pence Campaign was quickly replaced for, well, obvious reasons. We don’t know who to feel worse for: the people managed to purchase this stuff, or merch vendors Trump probably screwed over with useless inventory.

Rand Paul’s foreign-made everything

Rand Paul’s catalog consists largely – and unapologetically -of foreign-made products. They don’t even bother to hide the foreign made Gildan label. Then again they clearly don’t know how to use Photoshop … drawstrings anyone?


RNC’s Reagan-Bush Tee

Remember how great Reagan was? Remember how Republicans have nothing else they can feel proud of from the past 40 years? Remember how the Reagan worshippers just got crushed by Trump in the primary? Good times.

RNC’s Constitution Mug

We can think of more than a few Republicans to send these to as a reminder.

Herman Cain’s Book

My Journey to the White House ?! We can only assume this is a detailed account of the bus ride during his fourth grade field trip

Women for Trump Tees

We really don’t need to say say much here. Still it’s impressive Donald found all three of the Women in the country who could stand to be photographed in these.

Nixon Campaign Buttons

A lot of people cite the televised debate between Kennedy and Nixon as what ended Nixon’s chances in 1960. We in the political merchandising business have an alternative theory to offer.