GALLERY: Trump Resistance Merchandise Cashing in on Insults

Trump Resistance Merchandise Cashing in on Insults

We’ve talked a lot about ‘resistance merchandise‘ since Trump took office.  As Dan Zak write in the Washington Post, many groups are turning intended insults into inspiration for their merch. Indeed most of the resistance merchandise we see employs verbal Jiu Jitsui – using Trump and Republican’s own words against them.

It certainly makes for both entertaining and compelling merchandise. Here is our list of best resistance merchandise (to date).

Nasty Woman T-Shirts

nasty woman t-shirt

After complaining that Hillary Clinton was “such a nasty woman” during a presidential debate dozens of ‘nasty women’ inspired t-shirts were available for sale across the internet.

She Persisted Merch

she persisted merchandise

It was McConnell, not Trump, who tried to silence Sen. Warren while protesting Trump’s nominee, Jeff Sessions. But those who rallied behind her were unmistakably mobilized by anti-Trump sentiment.

she persisted

she persisted buttons

pussy pins

Obama ‘Birther Mug’

birther mug

Trump’s long drawn out conspiracy theory that President Obama was not born in the United States was disproved when Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate was made public.

Obamacare Merch

obamacare merch

Though the term ‘Obamacare’ was created by Republican’s as an insult to the ACA, Obama ultimately embraced the term through his 2012 re-election campaign and second term. Turns out the only thing less popular than Obamacare is repealing it.

Pussy Grabs Back Tee

pussy grabs back

Failing Pile of Garbage T-Shirt

buzzfeed garbage

It was no surprise when Trump attacked Buzzfeed after they published an article alleging improper relations between Russia and Trump. It also came as no surprise when they turned Trump’s insult meme into $25,000 worth of sales within 24 hours.

The Pussyhat

pussyhat resistance

Really, what sort of list would this be without calling out the ultimate piece of resistance merchandise – The Pussyhat.  Created as a retort to Trumps “grab ’em by the…” comments, the hat has become an unofficial symbol of women’s rights, and resistance to trump.