12+ Ideas To Sleigh Your Holiday Merchandise.

Always 100% Made in America and Union Printed.

Ugly Sweaters

Why we like them:

Ugly holiday sweaters are hugely popular with all audiences. They can be produced quickly and affordably with screen printing.



Why we like them:

Mugs are the most retained and used promotional items, keeping your message visible for years to come.


Knit Socks

Why we like them:

Fun but practical, socks are quickly rising as a best seller.



Why we like them:

Ornaments allow your organization to become part of your supporters’ holiday traditions.


Face Coverings

Why we like them:

A highly visible item to spread your message that also helps keep your supporters safe.


Organic & Recycled Garments

Why we like them:

Super comfy and eco friendly. Wearers can practice their environmental values. Large selection available.



Why we like it:

There’s no rivaling the quality and durability of American-made outerwear.


Crewneck Sweatshirts

Why we like them:

Crewneck sweatshirts are a less-expensive alternative to Hoodies and are gaining in popularity. 



Why we like them:

They’re super comfy and stylish. Combine them with matching sweatshirts to create a set of pajamas or athletic suit!

Book Bound Journals

Why we like them:

Because everyone likes them! Our made in USA version offers superior pricing and quality to imported alternatives.

Private Label Drinkware

Why we like them:

High impact appearance, affordable prices, American quality.

Long Sleeve Tees

Why we like them:

Long sleeves are having a moment. And they’re the perfect way to keep up garment sales during colder months.

Tote Bags

Why we like them:

Totes have a range of uses that are guaranteed to keep your message visible year round.

Winter Beanies

Why we like them:

Gotta keep the ol’ noggin warm. And hats are proven to be one of the highest-retained promotional items.


Why we like them:

Fast turn around and inexpensive physical means to stay in touch with supporters.


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