Three Simple Steps

Step 1

Create your an account with FII and we’ll get to work on creating an online store with to sell products branded to your campaign or organization.

Because we manufacture your inventory on-demand, no upfront inventory investment is required!

Step 2

Now that you’ve got your very own webstore share the good news on your homepage, with your email list, and on social media!

Once a sale is made we manufacture and ship the product to your customer within a few business days.

Step 3

Each month you get a check from FII for 100% of the profits from your on-demand store.

Now relax, have a drink and pat yourself on the back for partnering with FII.

Get your store up and running for just $299!

fee includes all web development and setups for 4 products

Please find a summary of our Terms of Service below. Click here to read our complete terms of service.


  • $299 gets you a store and up to 4 products.  Each product after that cost $50 to setup.
  • You provide us your artwork.
  • We produce and ship products as they are sold within a couple of days.  Buyers pay the shipping costs.
  • We provide limited customer service for the store and fix any production related issues with your merchandise.
  • You determine your return policy (we recommend not allowing returns).
  • Every month we send you a check for the difference between your sale price and our published production costs.