FII Marketing | Actors' Equity Merchandise Case Study
Read about Actors' Equity's innovative web store with virtual inventory produced on-demand by FII Marketing's union direct to garment (dtg) printer.
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Actors’ Equity Association

About This Project

On-demand production & fulfillment

Web development

Graphic design


The challenge: Actors’ Equity wanted to launch a full blown merchandise shop, but had little budget to do so.

Our solution: Leverage FII’s unique ability to manufacture merchandise on-demand, removing the need for (and risk of ) investing in inventory.

The outcome: After a successful launch of the Actors’ Equity online store, FII successfully met the high-volume of orders with their on-demand production model, with customers receiving product within days of ordering.  Throughout it all Actors’ Equity stayed firmly in the black, only paying for the cost of products which had already been sold to customers.


Visit the Actors’ Equity Association online store.