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FII Marketing is the leading vendor of made in America merchandise and Union-made merchandise, as well as turnkey e-commerce and fulfillment services.
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FII Marketing > Sample Policy

Samples are a very important step in the process of ordering product from any vendor to be sure of the quality of the item.   Any sample request that is made will be met, but, we can no longer provide them free of charge.  Below is a breakdown on how samples can be provided and the cost that is attached to them.

REQUESTING SAMPLES – To request a sample, please email all of the appropriate information to  When requesting wearable samples, please provide the style number (if applicable), size, quantity, and color(s).

SAMPLE COST – We will charge you for the product’s cost, x2, along with our shipping costs incurred.

EMBROIDERED and SILK SCREENED SAMPLES – Seeing a “finished” sample of your product is encouraged when dealing with large quantities.  These samples are dealt with on a case by case basis.  Inquiries can be made throughout the ordering process at

RETURNING SAMPLES – Once you pay for the samples, they are yours to keep.  You can return them if you wish, but will not receive credit for those items.  (Note: Credit for samples can be applied to your order.  Just make note on your order that you would like to have this happen.)

ELECTRONIC SAMPLES – As a service to you, we can provide you with a “general” idea of what your logo/artwork will look like on the specific product you select.  However, keep in mind that this “virtual” look, would not be exact, especially with color.   If artwork needs to be created from scratch, or significant edits need to be done, it is billable at $100/hour.