Biden For President

Biden for President When Joe Biden announced his run for President in 2019 his campaign was ready with an online merchandise store powered by Fii Marketing. Today we continue to supply the campaign with everything from fly swatters to high end fashion. Merchandise Manufacturing / Fulfillment / Special Gifts photo credit: Insane Rapid Response […]

Hillary Clinton

Hillary for America Making a statement while making history. In the Spring of 2015 Hillary Clinton launched her campaign for President. When she made her announcement her campaign was ready with a robust merchandise catalog from Fii Marketing that grew to become the most successful in the history of any campaign to date. Merchandise Manufacturing […]

Barack Obama

Barack Obama A revolution in political merchandise. Barack Obama’s campaign ushered in a new era of political merchandise. We were there for every step of the way, developing new merch solutions for the 21st century. Print on Demand / Merchandise Manufacturing / Ecommerce / Fulfillment Innovating for the future The Obama campaign leveraged merchandise fundraising […]