Our Union DTG Printer for Political Merchandise is Lowering the Cost of T-shirts

Our Union DTG Printer Lowers the Cost of T-shirts

In 2016 FII purchased the nation’s only union-operated digital direct to garment (or DTG) printer.  DTG  has revolutionized t-shirt printing, offering many efficiencies over screen printing.  FII is the first and only vendor to bring DTG capability into the political merchandising market, and its clients are reaping the many benefits.

Economically print in full color and low quantities

FII no longer has minimums for t-shirt orders. DTG prints directly onto fabric using four color process, removing the need to create expensive screens (i.e. screen printing).  Removing this cost allows small runs to be printed with the same economy of scale as large runs.  And since four color process doesn’t use screens, full color designs are printed at the same cost as single color designs. This makes DTG a perfect solution individually customized shirts for groups or stand alone custom pieces.

High quality, soft imprint

By using four color process the DTG printer operates essentially like a industrial digital paper printer, only it prints on textiles.  This allows for the printing of full-color images in astoundingly high resolution.  The same process also minimizes the imprint “hand”, meaning that the print is soft and hardly distinguishable from the base fabric.  We used this printer to meet the standards of iconic designer, Prabal Gurung, when producing the garment he designed for Hillary Clinton.

Ethical: union made and eco-friendly

FII believes that our products should reflect the values of our progressive clients. We are proud that our DTG-printed shirts demonstrate just that. The printer, run by members of the United Steel Workers, is the only union-operated DTG printer in the country.  And we use exclusively organic, toxin-free, water-based inks, making DTG an environmentally friendly choice.

Fall FW 2016. Prabal Gurung uses FII’s DTG printer to produce t-shirt with extensive color gradation.


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