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Reach More Supporters Through Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Send Your Mission Forward Faster

Direct mail is a tried and true method of raising awareness and encouraging donations. Fii has experience and expertise in delivering efficient direct mail campaigns at scale. Our direct mail program is the fastest in the nation, whether you are sending to hundreds … or hundreds of thousands.

Get Affordability and Expertise

Whether you are mailing postcards or small items like stickers and buttons, Fii can handle direct mail requests quickly and efficiently, without any work from your team. Long-term relationships with suppliers, printers, and mail houses allow us to provide the most competitive pricing and quality. Our innovative printing capabilities include accessible products to ensure no one in your audience is left behind. Due to our experience and expertise, Fii can offer the quickest turnaround from request to delivery.

Plus, since we fulfill orders placed through ActBlue, any donations received through mailing efforts are captured with our streamlined reporting process, making it easy to adhere to FEC requirements.

Increase Funds and Awareness

Expand your campaign or cause’s reach by putting your message in the mail. Direct mail remains one of the most effective tools for raising funds and awareness. Whether you need a la carte or full, comprehensive services, partnering with Fii takes the guesswork out of direct mail.

Major political campaigns, international labor unions, and nonprofit organizations rely on Fii for fast, cost-effective direct mail campaigns.

Experience & Expertise Combine for Stunning Results

  • Results

    Barack Obama’s campaign ushered in a new era of political merchandise. We were there for every step of the way, developing new merch solutions for the 21st century.

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  • Results

    A few months before Andrew Yang announced his 2020 presidential campaign we began consulting with his staff to create merchandise worthy of his ideals and ambitions. What resulted was an unstoppable merchandise program that eclipsed any other campaigns’ sales.

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  • Results

    In 2017 F.I.I. partnered with the AOC campaign to develop the nation’s first, and only, union-made Print on Demand solution. During the early days of her campaign we laid the foundation of a world-class merchandise program, while preserving cash on hand.

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