Political Campaign Merch

Feel like a rockstar!

Great merch, flawlessly delivered -everywhere you need it!

F.I.I. has served every major democratic presidential campaign for the last 4 decades. We also work with major labor unions and nationally-known nonprofits.

Put knowledge, experience and know-how to work for your campaign!

In the field, online, and in person.

American Made

100% of our merchandise is manufactured in the United States.

Union Sourced

F.I.I. is a proud F.I.I. is a proud CWA union company, partnered with USW union printers. We always prioritize sourcing from unionized manufacturers and printers.

Ethically Made

We go the extra mile to minimize the ecological impact when producing our merchandise.

CWA Union Label
USW Union Label

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All the Tools You Need, from Experienced Campaigners

We know what you need, because we’ve been in your shoes. And we’ve helped hundreds of campaigns win by delivering bulk orders in the field, through superior e-commerce web stores, and using direct-to-supporter incentive deliveries. We have the knowledge to advise you on what works, and the experience to perform. Every. Single. Time.

Dependable Performance & Flawless Fulfillment

Bulk orders and split order fulfillment logistics are no sweat for F.I.I. We have a proven track record of consistent performance! Whether for a significant event, the campaign trail, or outfitting your entire team, we’ll get it all where it needs to go. You can depend on it.

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A Partner Aligned with Your Values

We’re a fair-wage union company, with a unionized supply chain. We source your merch according to progressive values of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and sustainability. And we run our business the same way. Join us!

Merch Choices Galore

We offer more merch selections than you’ll ever need. And you won’t have to worry about where your merch is coming from, how it’s being printed, or whether your design is the right size and file type. With over 40 years of industry experience and amazing supplier relationships, there’s not a single situation that can knock us off our game.