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Budget-Friendly Nonprofit Merch Solutions

Budget-Friendly Nonprofit Merch Solutions

Merchandise Services for Nonprofit Organizations 

Every nonprofit needs efficient fundraising ideas that won’t put stress on their hard-working staff — or their budgets.

F.I.I. can improve your brand awareness and boost your bottom line with our ethical merch solutions. Free your team up to focus on other strategic fundraising efforts while F.I.I. handles the intricacies and fulfillment challenges of offering merchandise incentives to donors to raise more funds. We’re logistics experts who know how to get it done without bugging your busy team. 

You’ll grow your contact list, keep existing donors engaged, and increase brand awareness. And your supporters will proudly display your brand and messaging on their new tote bags, t-shirts, magnets, mugs, and more. We’ll be your trusted partner in selecting just the right incentives, and then getting that merch directly to your supporters — no hassles, no delays.  

Merch Logistics Management and More for Nonprofits

 You and your staff will love our dependable services for nonprofit organizations, including:

Special Merchandise Bundles

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the branded merch you can provide. You can choose to have us send an entire gift box to your supporters, or to new employees at your org, complete with multiple pieces of merch that are sure to impress. 

List Building with Merch

A QR code and the promise of free stuff is all you need to entice potential donors to join your supporter base. We’ll take care of all the backend merch fulfillment.  

Print-on-Demand Products

We know your budget is tight. That’s true of nearly every nonprofit. Print-on-demand is your budget-friendly solution. You can realize profit on your very first merch sale by choosing print-on-demand over keeping products that may or may not sell in inventory. 

Seamless Fulfillment of Donor Incentive Merch Orders

Send us your list of donors. We’ll take care of the rest, getting branded swag into their hands…fast. 

Beautiful, Custom-Designed Web Stores

We build ecommerce sites tailored to your   nonprofit, always on-brand and with an updated user experience for your staff and donors. Nonprofits use our stores to display their donor incentives and accept orders individually. Stores can be used two ways: as a vehicle accessible to your staff to easily handle fulfillment of donor premiums, or as a full retail store that’s open to the public for fundraising purposes. 

nonprofit ecommerce webstore for National Council of Jewish Women

Exemplify Your Mission when you Choose  Ethical Merch  

Your organization’s mission betters the world, so it’s only fitting that the merch you put your logo on supports that mission – and your reputation. All of our merchandise is Made in America or North America, and much is union-decorated.  

By working with F.I.I. for your branded merchandise needs, you can have confidence that your items are ethically made. In fact, we encourage you to let your supporters know this as it can elevate your brand’s status in the donor’s mind. Why not demonstrate to your audience that you’re walking your talk by choosing ethical merch for your promotional items and premiums?

We’re happy to give you a quote on any of the promotional items your nonprofit currently uses to promote your brand and raise donations. And we’ve got plenty of ideas for new ethically-made promotional items you may want to add to your mix!