Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is renowned for providing emergency aid and medical care around the globe, including in known conflict zones and countries affected by endemic diseases. 

We’ve been providing the nonprofit with U.S.-made ethical merchandise for their donor incentive programs for close to three years…and counting. Our high-quality merch has helped encourage supporters to commit to recurring donations (as opposed to one-time donations), thus increasing overall funds for Doctors Without Borders and their important mission.

Ethical Merch + Fulfillment for Donor Incentive Programs

The donor incentive programs we run on behalf of Doctors Without Borders are the epitome of white glove. 

All the nonprofit has to do is give us a list of supporters. That’s it! Then we source, produce, inventory, and distribute the correct merchandise. We’ve created coffee mugs, baseball hats, leather notebooks, backpacks, tote bags, and more for use in these campaigns — and each item arrives at the doorstep of the donor without issue. 

F.I.I’s fulfillment operation provides Doctors Without Borders the efficiency of an ecommerce platform — without the retail component. And again, without the Doctors Without Borders staff having to worry about merchandising. They’re free to focus on other pressing initiatives for the crucial nonprofit. 

Ethical, High-Quality Products for an Ethical Organization

All of our products are ethically sourced and made in the U.S.A. These are items Doctors Without Borders (and their donors) can feel good about. Their merch matches their mission; the products are always manufactured in safe working environments by workers who are treated with dignity and respect. We even use our own printing partner — Worx Printing — for a selection of the merchandise. 

Bonus: We keep a close eye on their inventory, ensuring our ethical merch is always appropriately stocked for Doctors Without Borders. 

Fresh Swag Entices Supporters to Keep Up Their Contributions 

The team at F.I.I. has provided various products for three different donor sustainer campaigns, and our work with Doctors Without Borders continues. 

Each campaign leverages unique products and designs. Changing the merch at least annually keeps the inventory fresh, which attracts new donors who are interested in receiving the cool product and retains long-term supporters who want the fresh swag with the updated messaging. 

These aren’t disposable or cheap items donors are likely to use once and forget about. Our merch is visually pleasing, but also functional and lasting. Recipients can use the products for years to come — providing ongoing advertisement for Doctors Without Borders by consistently sporting their branded merch.

Gift Boxes for Timely Donation Drives 

We run sustainer programs with merch incentives for Doctors Without Borders. But we also send branded merchandise to one-time donors as a part of special initiatives. 

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we produced, packaged, and distributed kits with multiple N-95 masks and instructions for use to people who gave to this particular campaign. Uniquely, the masks featured the Doctors Without Borders logo.

More Donor Incentive Campaigns to Come

As a result of our merch services for Doctors Without Borders, they’ve been able to continually engage with their donor base by providing them with branded, high-quality items. But Doctors Without Borders staff don’t have to do any of the behind-the-scenes work to get the merch where it needs to go…that’s all on F.I.I. 

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