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Save Time and Money by Printing on Demand

Print on Demand

Ethical Merch Without the Overhead

In partnership with Worx Printing Cooperative

Worry about your campaign goals, not if your headquarters has room for boxes of t-shirts. With the only union-made print-on-demand solution, you don’t have to compromise values for convenience. With print-on-demand, you’ll achieve profitably from your merch after the very first sale.

Flexible, Agile Solutions that Align with Your Mission

Don’t take on the cost and space requirements for merchandise inventory. Convenient for grassroots organizations all the way to massive campaigns, our on-demand solution provides union-printed, USA-made merch from a worker-owned cooperative. This allows you to order precisely the quantity you’ve sold.

Eliminate complex overhead calculations, inventory storage logistics, and the financial burden of unsold products. Plus, we can receive orders directly through ActBlue, to streamline reporting reporting to the FEC, wherever you sell.

Lower Risks, Increase Sales

Reduce the risk of unsold inventory, the need for inventory management, and preserve cash on hand by printing on demand. Move fast and drive sales that support your mission without worry.

Major political campaigns, international labor unions, and nonprofit organizations rely on F.I.I. for print-on-demand solutions, so they can free up time and space where it counts.

What Merch Sells Best?

We’ve seen what sells, what doesn’t, and what really gets your campaign message across. Get our Guide to Best Sellers now!

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Print on Demand Solutions for Flexibility and Efficiency

  • Results

    A few months before Andrew Yang announced his 2020 presidential campaign we began consulting with his staff to create merchandise worthy of his ideals and ambitions. What resulted was an unstoppable merchandise program that eclipsed any other campaigns’ sales.

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  • Results

    Barack Obama’s campaign ushered in a new era of political merchandise. We were there for every step of the way, developing new merch solutions for the 21st century.

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  • Results

    When Joe Biden announced his run for President in 2019 his political campaign was ready with an online merchandise store powered by F.I.I. Today we continue to supply the campaign with everything from fly swatters to high-end fashion.

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  • Results

    The Warren campaign approached F.I.I. for production assistance with a collection of Pride merchandise using a “Print on Demand” (POD) production model in the Spring of 2018 . The program was so successful that the campaign quickly converted all of its merchandise fulfillment to F.I.I. for the Warren for President campaign.

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