A revolution in political merchandise.

Barack Obama’s campaign ushered in a new era of political merchandise. We were there for every step of the way, developing new merch solutions for the 21st century.

obama merch models

Innovating for the future

The Obama campaign leveraged merchandise fundraising like never before. They sold tens of millions of items and F.I.I. produced and successfully fulfilled each order.

obama merch models
obama buttons on tote
obama merch model
obama merch models
  • Print on Demand

    Save Time and Money by Printing on Demand

    Fii offers the only union-made print-on-demand solution.

    • on-demand, union-printed, USA-made merch from worker-owned cooperative
    • we receive orders direct from ActBlue
    • no risk from unsold merchandise
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  • Ecommerce

    Comprehensive Ecommerce Solutions for Political Campaigns and Nonprofits

    Increase your fundraising capabilities and your reach with one seamless solution.

    • complete web store solutions
    • product sourcing, order fulfillment, and customer service
    • FEC compliance reporting
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