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Comprehensive Merch Services for Campaigns

Political Campaign Merch Services

Boost Campaign Awareness with Ethical Merch & Reliable Fulfillment Logistics

We offer a full suite of merch services that make it simpler and faster for political campaigns to:

  • extend campaign brand awareness
  • outfit supporters in unifying branded swag for campaign events
  • build lists of supporters through merch incentives
  • raise funds using merch sales that tie in with ActBlue

Our vast experience is unmatched: we’ve worked for every Democratic Presidential Campaign over the past 4 decades.

F.I.I. has the systems, connections, and expertise to make merch fulfillment a breeze for political campaigns, whether you need lawn signs, other printed campaign materials, or branded bulk t-shirts, lapel pins, tote bags…. we can help with any type of campaign swag.

We know how to leverage your time and free up your in-house staff to focus on more strategic initiatives while we deliver flawless merch fulfillment and perfect union drop shipping for your branded needs in the field.

Build Your List through Merch Incentives

F.I.I. handles all of the back end fulfillment of easy donor incentives like branded stickers and pins, gets your merch out to supporters fast, and delivers critical contact data to the campaign immediately. All you need to do is set up a direct response message on social media, through email or text message. It’s simple, and really effective.

One-Click Managed Supporter Incentives

Your campaign can provide a list of donor contacts (downloaded or via api), and F.I.I. will handle all of the fulfillment of incentive merch. It’s completely touchless fulfillment for the political campaign, and a simple way to send merch directly to supporters’ homes.

Extend campaign branding and increase awareness about your candidate. Leverage our systems and expertise to get it all into the field, fast.

Special Merch Bundles

Political campaigns can turn to F.I.I. for efficient and easy fulfillment of special merch bundles like Gift Boxes and Event Merch.

All we need is a list, and we get your custom merch bundles where it needs to be to create an impact!

ActBlue Merchandise Fulfillment

If your political campaign is using ActBlue, F.I.I. can serve as your ActBlue Merchandise Fulfillment partner. We make it efficient and easy to get your merch produced and sent to supporters, without distracting your campaign staff. We free them up to focus on other strategic activities.

Total Merchandise Support Solutions for Field Teams

F.I.I.’s expert fulfillment services mean flawless deliveries of branded merch, no matter how complex the distribution list. Need merch in 5 different cities on 3 different dates? No problem, we’re the union drop shipping champs you want on your team.

Need to deliver branded t-shirts to a group of supporters before a campaign rally in a few days? We can handle it. We make sure your merch clearly highlights your candidate and supports your campaign with strong branding, and timely fulfillment.

Get the Guide: Best Sellers for Political Campaigns

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We’ve seen what sells, what doesn’t, and what really gets your campaign message across. Download our guide now!

  • Results

    When Shapiro began his run for Pennsylvania governor, his campaign managers contacted our trusted team. F.I.I. created the diverse merch for Shapiro for Governor, and seamlessly executed complicated planning and delivery logistics for the large swing state. Our work unburdened Shapiro’s campaign staffers and dramatically increased campaign efficiencies.

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