What We Do

Make and Sell Mission-Driven Merchandise With America’s Most Trusted Vendor.

When you partner with F.I.I. on your political and nonprofit merch needs, you don’t just receive high-quality, fast turnaround times, and ethically-manufactured products.

You receive over 40 years of experience, industry expertise, and long-standing relationships. There’s a reason Fii has been trusted by every democratic presidential campaign since Jimmy Carter.

Progressive values require progressive products. Our merchandise aligns with your mission. So level up your merch game, from e-commerce web store development all the way to pop-up retail at in-person events. Partner with America’s most trusted vendor to make it happen.

We help you achieve your goals through merchandise.

  • Ethical Merchandise

    Ethically-Made Merchandise for Political Campaigns and Nonprofit Organizations

    We can help you mobilize your supporters through merchandise.

    • USA-made, union-made, eco-friendly, and inclusive
    • urn-key merchandise solution
    • wide scaling and rapid-response infrastructure and logistical capabilities
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  • Ecommerce

    Comprehensive Ecommerce Solutions for Political Campaigns and Nonprofits

    Increase your fundraising capabilities and your reach with one seamless solution.

    • complete web store solutions
    • product sourcing, order fulfillment, and customer service
    • FEC compliance reporting
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  • Print on Demand

    Save Time and Money by Printing on Demand

    Fii offers the only union-made print-on-demand solution.

    • on-demand, union-printed, USA-made merch from worker-owned cooperative
    • we receive orders direct from ActBlue
    • no risk from unsold merchandise
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  • Events

    Leverage Events to Drive Supporter Engagement

    We seamlessly create a point of sale solution that works with your existing eCommerce store to make selling merch anywhere simple and easy.

    • full-service solution, from staffing to equipment
    • shop setup, personnel training, supply management
    • ActBlue supplied FEC data reporting
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  • Direct Mail

    Reach More Supporters Through Direct Mail

    Our direct mail program is the fastest in the nation, whether you are sending to hundreds … or hundreds of thousands.

    • competitive pricing and quality
    • quickest turnaround from request to delivery.
    • ActBlue order fulfillment
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