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Merchandise Logistics Management

Merchandise Logistics Management

Turnkey merch fulfillment and union drop shipping tailored to any campaign.

We make drop shipping and merch fulfillment simple, even when the logistics are complex. Major political campaigns, international labor unions, and nonprofit organizations rely on F.I.I. to handle their merch fulfillment – flawlessly.

Our capabilities include:

  • Direct response merchandise
  • Union drop shipping
  • Central warehousing 
  • Shipment coordination 
  • End-to-end merch logistics management
  • ActBlue fulfillment

We Get Your Merch Where It Needs To Go (So You Don’t Have To)

Of course you want 1,000 t-shirt orders sent to five different locations in just two weeks. Because moving more merchandise means more support for your ultimate goal — whether that’s securing a win for your candidate or amplifying your non-profit’s mission. But actually getting those t-shirts into the right hands? That’s a logistical nightmare you shouldn’t need to handle. And with F.I.I.’s merchandise logistics management services, you don’t have to.

Branded Merchandise Fulfillment for Shipments of All Sizes 

At F.I.I., we source mission-driven merchandise. But that’s just the beginning of what we can do together.

We also streamline drop shipping and ethical merch fulfillment…no matter how complex (or simple) your shipping logistics are. We can tackle your donor-direct merchandising needs by sending merch incentives — like stickers and lapel pins — to each of your individual constituents. But we’re just as capable of drop shipping thousands of gift boxes to hundreds of locations from multiple factories across the nation.

Let us increase the visibility of your campaign with branded custom merchandise, all while decreasing your workload (and making you look good) by delivering everything flawlessly.

We Sync with Software from ActBlue to Your CRM, and More

F.I.I.’s services are built to make your life easier. So of course we sync with most supporter management software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and constituent data platforms (CDPs). Our merch fulfillment services augment your systems and infrastructure, so you don’t have to invest in new capabilities or overburden your staff. 

From distributing merch incentives like simple stickers in the mail to delivering complete branded merch and swag right to your supporters in the field, we get you more visibility – anywhere, and everywhere. Count on F.I.I. for direct response merchandise, union drop shipping from central warehousing, shipment coordination and complete logistics management to support your campaign, augment your infrastructure, and ease staff burdens.

Experience & Expertise Make The Difference

  • Results

    When Shapiro began his run for Pennsylvania governor, his campaign managers contacted our trusted team. F.I.I. created the diverse merch for Shapiro for Governor, and seamlessly executed complicated planning and delivery logistics for the large swing state. Our work unburdened Shapiro’s campaign staffers and dramatically increased campaign efficiencies.

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