National Council of Jewish Women

The National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) is a nonprofit that aims to advance social change through a faith-based Jewish lens. 

Over the course of F.I.I.’s five-year partnership with the organization — which continues to expand — they’ve taken advantage of nearly every one of our merch and logistics services

Nonprofit webstore home page for National Council of Jewish Women

Jewish women are pioneers of labor unions in the United States, so it only makes sense that the NCJW so deeply values our ethical merch to outfit their modern-day activists and grow their supporter base. 

Revenue Generation Through an Ecommerce Platform

The first project we completed for the NCJW was standing up an ecommerce store. Not only did we build the web store on the nonprofit’s behalf, we also sourced the wide variety of U.S.-made, ethical merch available for purchase. As with all of our products, this merch amplifies the nonprofit’s brand message. 

American made custom sweatshirts for National Council for Jewish Women

The array of products — from crewnecks to fanny packs — feature the NCJW’s branding as well as messages specific to the organization’s various causes. And the merch rotates as the causes do. Supporters who purchase the merch are walking advertisements for the nonprofit’s important projects, and of course, they’re also helping to fund the critical work of the organization.

“We have a real partner in F.I.I. They’re our partner in finding, sourcing and creating merch and our one stop shop for an online direct-to-consumer store where people can buy our brand. Their  incredible flexibility makes them an amazing vendor. F.I.I. totally meets our needs.”

Shira M. Zemel, Abortion Access Campaign Co-Director

Making Merch Delivery Logistics Look Easy 

We strategically centralized the inventory for the NCJW’s store in an ecommerce warehouse. We leverage this existing warehouse model to efficiently and accurately distribute NCJW merchandise to members and affiliates, as well as to synagogues and college campus Hillel centers. 

branded tshirts and signs for National Council of Jewish Women campaign in Washington, DC.

Merch recipients sport the products during events and rallies, giving the organization a branded, unified, and strong presence — thus supporting and spreading their message. For example, we fulfilled and shipped merch orders for the NCJW’s 73Forward campaign for abortion justice

Activists show up to these events in their swag, and the NCJW doesn’t have to worry about getting it to them. F.I.I. manages these hairy logistical details for the org. They’re free to focus on what really matters: the cause at hand. 

“I don’t need to keep merch inventory at our office, where we have no space. Plus I don’t have to pack up swag and get it to UPS. That’s real time F.I.I. gives us back.” 

Shira Zemel
Custom merch from National Council of Jewish Women including stickers, decals, printed materials

Speaking of hairy logistical details, F.I.I. supported another recent NCJW campaign that engaged members across the country. The organization needed a poster and sticker pack (a gift box) delivered to every eligible recipient in time for Rosh Hashanah. By the numbers, 12 pieces of merch needed to be packaged and shipped to 500 different addresses. The F.I.I. team delivered all 6,000 items, on time and without a single error.

Merch Incentives Build Lists and Garner Online Donations 

F.I.I. also developed smart merch incentive programs for NCJW. Combining social media ads with cool stickers used as merch incentives, the organization was able to raise funds and gather new contact info to grow their list. NCJW simply sent us the list of campaign donors, and F.I.I. took care of all the fulfillment.

Custom campaign stickers for abortion rights for National Council of Jewish Women

Cumulative Results for the National Council of Jewish Women

All in all, our relationship with the NCJW:

  • Generates revenue for the org by making it easy and efficient for supporters to make purchases on the NCJW ecommerce platform and donations from the merch-incentivized social media campaigns. 
  • Raises awareness and enhances brand messaging for the org and its important causes when staff and supporters regularly sport the high-quality branded shirts and other merch.
  • Creates a strong, united visual message with NCJW activists wearing bold, impactful merch at critical events and rallies. 

The organization continues to rely on F.I.I. for all of their merchandise needs. 

Campaign yard sign for National Council of Jewish Women for reproductive rights awareness campaign

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