FII Marketing | Direct Mail
FII Marketing is the leading vendor of made in America merchandise and Union-made merchandise, as well as turnkey e-commerce and fulfillment services.
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Direct Mail

A modern take on a traditional strategy.

In the digital era, many dismiss direct mail as a relic of the past.  Not us.  We build modern direct mail programs which engage audiences overlooked by digital mediums.  Each program is custom tailored to your strategic goals.

You understand that a few cents per mailer can have a big impact on your budget.  That’s why, when building your program, we pursue competitive bids from leading union printers. And with mail houses contracted throughout America, we select forward shipping points optimized to minimize your postage costs.

We’re full of innovative ideas and best practices that boost the efficacy of your direct mail program with stunning inserts that range from fun to fancy. Get in touch with FII and let’s get cracking on making your program a success.

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