Swag Packs & Gift Boxes

Special Merch Bundles

With F.I.I.’s huge catalog of USA Made and Union Made merch, you can choose almost anything to send as a swag pack for your organization’s supporters. We can help you bundle great merch at your chosen price point, so you can send special packages of branded merch that really make your donors feel appreciated and valued.

Special Event Swag Bundles

If your organization is having a special event you want to publicize, sending important supporters a custom swag bundle in a nicely branded gift box is a great idea. It can help build anticipation around the event, make donors feel more connected, and get people more vested in the fundraising success of your special event.

Giveaways for Major Donors and Special Supporters

F.I.I.’s experienced staff knows how to help you find high-quality merchandise your supporters will love, and proudly use in their day-to-day life. Maybe it’s a branded backpack for a set of donors you know love to travel, along with a finely crafted luggage tag and a branded journal to memorialize their journeys.

Easy & Fast Fulfillment of Merch Gift Boxes

All we need to know is a name and an address, and we’ll get your special merch shipped out to your supporters without your staff having to lift a finger. We can send your branded gift boxes out ahead of an important event, or as a special follow up thank you gift after your event.

Gift Boxes for Supporters

Want to put together a gift box for your new board members, or some special donors helping with your capital campaign? Whatever you can think up, we can probably box up – beautifully.

You can even use a sample gift box of branded merch as a donor incentive device at your event, or offer it up online any time. Make a QR code, gather the names and mailing addresses of your donors, and send it along to F.I.I.’s fulfillment team. We’ll get those newly incentivized donors their fun box of branded swag right away, enhancing their feeling of connection to your organization’s mission. It’s a win for your non-profit, and a source of pride for your new donors to show their support for your important mission.

If you need suggestions for what should go into your gift boxes, we’re happy to recommend some unique merchandise you can brand and combine with standards like custom tote bags, logo mugs, branded baseball hats and notebooks.

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