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FII’s campaign merchandise is not just your typical swag. Our eye-catching products are designed to bolster brand awareness and to work within your budget.

Ethical Sourcing

Our products are Made in America and reflect the progressive values of our clients. We offer a range of union-made and eco-friendly products. And we proudly partner with businesses that reflect the diversity of the United States.

List Growth and Donor Incentives

Unlock the power of merchandise to incent email sign ups and small donations. Our innovative strategies guarantee the highest ROI.


We build online stores on all major e-commerce platforms, complimented by optional digital ads and social media campaigns. Our online stores capture FEC compliance and track individual donors.

Fulfillment & Customer Service

With fulfillment centers on the east and west coasts your customers receive their orders quickly and with the satisfaction of award-winning professional customer service.

Direct Mail

Direct mail remains an invaluable tool for persuasion and revenue. We print and mail pieces guaranteed to convert the recipient.

Political Printing

It’s not just ink on paper. Our offset and digital printers offer the right solution for any print job. From door hangers, to billboards, to high-tech credentials we turn quickly and with unparalleled quality.

Point of Sale

Our Point of Sale solutions seamlessly integrate with your webstore, creating an omnichannel revenue and reporting stream. For retail events we offer complete personnel management and staffing solutions.


Whether your organization requires original concepts or assistance transferring existing design to product, our in-house design team is here to help.

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FII Marketing is the leading supplier of American-made political campaign merchandise. Its expertise in leveraging merchandise for list growth, fundraising and visibility has helped to elect countless Democrats and Liberals while advancing Progressive causes throughout the United States.


Since its founding FII has proudly sourced from living-wage and unionized manufacturers that are owned and operated by women, persons of color, veterans,and members of the LGBT community. This supply chain is unrivaled anywhere within the country, allowing FII to make it in America when other’s cannot.

M. Weiner loads "branded" donkey into pickup truck c.1980

Races Won


Initiatives Passed


$Million Raised


Million Orders Shipped


Design, Direct Mail, Donor Incentives, Fulfillment & Customer Service, List Growth, Merchandise, Point of Sale, Political Printing
Donor Incentives, Fulfillment & Customer Service, List Growth, Merchandise